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Absolute Boyfriend


Mangaka: Yuu Watase 渡瀬 悠宇
Born: 5th of Mar, 1970
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Language Publisher: Viz Media
Published: March 2003 to February 2005
Status: Finished
Number of Volumes: 6
Serialized: Shojo Comic 少女コミック
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Demographic: shojo

Written by Yuu Watase, of Fushigi Yûgi fame, Absolute Boyfriend asks the age-old rom-com question, "What if you could buy love?" The answer is actually a very fun 6 volumes of romance and other hijinks.

Riiko Izawa is a lonely teenage girl who is unlucky love. After doing a good deed for a stranger, she is given the opportunity to order a boyfriend online... who arrives naked, in a box. Assuming that the figure is just an inanimate doll, she kisses it, only to have the doll come to life and fall in love with her! Riiko names her new, literal boy-toy Night, after his, err, product line.

Night is the perfect boyfriend - he cooks, has super strength, is emotionally available, and is equally happy to hold hands or ahem demonstrate his other functionalities. Unfortunately, Night is not free, and plunges Riiko into debt, and makes both her classmates and her handsome neighbor jealous.

So, who will Riiko choose - the literal perfect guy, or the literal boy next door? Read it and find out!
Background & Impact
Never meant to be a critical hit, Absolute Boyfriend achieved what it set out to do - entertain audiences. Although never adapted into an anime, a live action drama was created for both the Japanese and Chinese markets.