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Air Master


Mangaka: Yokusaru Shibata 柴田 ヨクサル
Born: 1st of Apr, 1972
Original Publisher: Hakusensha
English Language Publisher:
Published: April 2003 to January 2006
Status: Finished
Number of Volumes: 28
Serialized: Young Animal ヤングアニマル
Genre: Martial Arts, Action
Demographic: seinen

    Aikawa Maki is just your typical high school girl living in Tokyo: Six feet tall and a former gymnastics enthusiast, she has found a rawer, more exciting sport - unlicensed competitive street fighting for cash!

    Short on story and long on school girl martial arts action, Air Master's satiric elements, including lampooning all the over-the-top, long-winded speeches so often seen in martial arts manga and anime, mark the series as truly being seinen in nature.

    The somewhat odd art style, an homage to pre-1980s manga, might be off-putting to some. Surprisingly, given the topic, Air Master is quite sparing with the fan service.
    Background & Impact
    The manga series was made into a 27 episode anime that took out much of the plot and backstory and focused almost exclusively on the fighting.