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Mangaka: Yumi Tamura 田村 由美
Born: Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Language Publisher:
Published: September 1990 to June 1998
Status: Finished
Number of Volumes: 27
Serialized: Betsucomi ベツコミ
Genre: Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic
Demographic: shojo

At the end of the 20th century, an unspecified apocalypse has reduced Japan to a feudal state that is ruled by the Golden King, a bloodthirsty tyrant.

In the western region of Japan, which has become a desert, a pair of twins are born, one of whom is prophesied to lead the country into a new era of freedom and prosperity. One twin, a boy, is named Tatara, and the other, a girl, is named Sarasa. The desert tribe decides to rebel against the cruel Red King, placing their faith in Tatara, who they believe is the one prophesied to overthrow the oppressive government and unite the people.

When Tatara is killed, Sarasa decides to secretly take on her twin brother's identity to keep her downtrodden people from losing heart. Initially, sixteen year old Sarasa only wants revenge against the Red King for murdering her family, but gradually her motivation shifts to leading the people Japan to freedom.

Together, Sasara and her group of ragtag fighters journey across Japan and Okinawa to collect a number of legendary weapons and gather allies to join her party. Along the way, Sasara continually runs across a handsome and mysterious stranger.
Background & Impact
Volumes 1 - 5 were adapted into a somewhat obscure 13 episode anime under the title Legend of Basara.