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Bio Booster Armor Guyver


Mangaka: Yoshiki Takaya 高屋 良樹
Born: 21st of Feb, 1960
Original Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Language Publisher:
Published: February 1985
Status: Ongoing
Number of Volumes: 32
Serialized: Young Ace ヤングエース
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Demographic: shonen

    When high schooler Fukamachi Sho accidentally comes across a mysterious artifact of alien technology, it comes alive and bonds to his body, forming a power suit called the Guyver. Now that he has the Guyver, he and his friends become the target of an evil conspiracy known as Chronos that will go to any lengths, using any underhanded measure, to get back the armor from him.

    Trying to capture Sho, Chronos sends its army of modified humans called Zoanoids and Zoalords that can change into monstrous forms with superhuman strength and agility. Using the great power of the Guyver armor, Sho battles the devious Chronos organization in order to protect his friends and the world.

    While the plot mainly focuses on epic monster battles, there are also some memorable twists and turns. Oddly enough, the art makes the monsters looked like rubber-suited actors, as if we were watching a Super Sentai show.
    Background & Impact
    This long-lived and popular series has been in continuous production since 1985.

    The manga has inspired two OVA series and a regular television series, as well as two American live action films.