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Kimi ni Todoke


Mangaka: Karuho Shiina 椎名軽穂
Born: 23rd of Oct, 1975 Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Original Publisher: Shueisha
English Language Publisher:
Published: May 2006
Status: Ongoing
Number of Volumes: 25
Serialized: Bessatsu Margaret 別冊マーガレット
Genre: Romance, Coming of Age
Demographic: shojo

    Kimi ni Todoke, sometimes translated as From Me to You or Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, but literally (and more appropriately, we think) as Reaching You, is the story of high school girl Sawako Kuronuma, whose reticent nature and superficial similarity to horror character Sadako Yamamura from the Ringu series has led to her classmates calling her Sadako and ostracising her.

    Everything changes when one day Shota Kazehaya, the most outgoing boy in her grade, begins to talk to her. Slowly but surely, Sawako comes out of her shell, and the relationship between her and Shota deepens.

    In many ways the quintessential shojo romance, Kimi ni Todoke presents something like a high school comedy of manners, with Sawako’s sweet disposition and self-sacrificing nature often misinterpreted by her friends and classmates as aloofness or worse. Well-intentioned, but lacking experience with the practicalities of social interaction, Sawako stumbles through the process of making friends and joining the wider world in a way that can be both extremely charming and also frustrating to watch.

    Filled with endearing characters and an engaging romance between Sawako and Shota, the saccharine tone of the story helps to make some of its darker themes more palatable.
    Background & Impact
    Kimi ni Todoke has been adapted into two series of light novels, a video game, an anime, and even a live action film. A consistent best-seller, Kimi ni Todoke is arguably the most successful shojo manga of the past decade.